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This is a page lists the students and organizations that participated in the Google Summer of Code 2008 program.

If you you are interested in the latest program information, see the main Summer of Code page.

Watson has unearthed forgotten records, conducted many interviews, and used over 100 sources, including diaries and oral histories, to expose this story.

Save up to 80% on shipboard prices and be guaranteed of a place while planning with new friends beforehand!

Homepage: Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) The Abi Source community consists of a highly skilled group of people interested in, as our tagline states, bringing Word Processing to Everyone.

We do this for example by making our software, Abi Word being our flagship product, available on as many (operating) systems as possible, and adapting it for use on the One Laptop Per Child system.

I have included some brief reminders and announcements below.

Typically, I'll send out a weekly newsletter on Fridays throughout the school year.


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