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While he never made it to the battlegrounds of World War I—the November 1918 armistice was signed shortly before he was to be shipped overseas—Fitzgerald did complete a draft of an unpublished novel called “The Romantic Egotist,” which he later reworked into his smash hit debut “This Side of Paradise.” 4.

His wife Zelda was considered the quintessential 1920s “flapper.” Shortly after the publication of “This Side of Paradise,” Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre, the daughter of an Alabama judge.

Their discoveries lead to a larger threat that could have major implications on all humanity.

Kevin Etten (Workaholics) is the series’ showrunner.

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Fitzgerald would spend spent the rest of the 1920s and 30s chronicling the excesses of the “Jazz Age” in short story collections and novels like “The Great Gatsby” and “Tender is the Night.” Along the way, he struggled with alcoholism and engaged in an emotionally fraught love affair with his wife, Zelda. While driving past a statue of Key in an alcoholic haze in 1934, he supposedly hopped from the car and hid in the bushes, yelling to a friend, “Don’t let Frank see me drunk! He had a penchant for cutting classes during his time at Princeton University, and nearly failed out before abandoning his studies to join the military.

While it was unclear whether Scott would even direct the proposed Prometheus sequel, let alone whether the project would even happen, The Wrap’s report says the filmmaker will direct the follow-up with a scheduled production start-date this fall, after he completes post-production on his Moses epic Exodus.

Prometheus was certainly a success at the box office with over 0 million worldwide—especially for an R-rated thriller—but it was also very expensive, so there had been some uncertainty surrounding the follow-up.

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Taking a cue from The X-Files, Robinson will play a skeptic and Scott, the true believer in a pair hired by a Los Angeles organization called the Underground Investigative Service to explore several unexplained paranormal events in the city.


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