Updating a gold frame

*Update: Here is how I updated the chairs with some bright spray paint. I was going to spray paint it outside since I have been banned from spray painting in the garage since I unintentionally spray painted our cars, but I didn’t want any bugs to land on it while it dried as well as it looked like rain.

The hardest part of the project was taking the light down and putting it back up. I ended up setting up a spray booth in my basement using a big box I got in the dumpster behind my local dollar store. I have been a little too cavalier in my spray painting ways –no more over-spray on surrounding objects – like cars. Here is a mini version of a simple spray painting booth – actually a box, but that is what we called it in display – a spray booth. If your object doesn’t have a flat bottom, use toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, whatever to raise it up so that you can easy move the piece your spraying without actually touching it.

Each transformation lasted a few years until I tired of it or they looked beat up.

I am not sure what color they will be next, but I will make my decision soon.

Choose a multisurface primer or metal primer for best results.

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I was so wrapped up in getting this project underway I never snapped a before photo.

Remove the glass and back from the frame, otherwise they may be damaged.

Sand the frame gently with a fine-grit sanding block or sandpaper.

Items needed: Rust-oleum high heat enamel and a foam brush.

Clean the fireplace surround with a damp cloth and be sure it’s dry before applying the enamel.


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